Take action. Be noisy. Send letters, emails, and make phone calls. Write letters to the editor of local newspapers. Go to rallies.

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An important part of this is to make life uncomfortable for those who control the budget and are in charge of water management. Click the link below to get  in touch with your governor, senators, and representatives. Let them know you are angry and that the only answer you want from them is that they will fix this NOW. It doesn͛t require a long letter or email or phone call, just a short message to let them know their jobs depend on getting this fixed.


Take Back Our Water is about educating and energizing to take action so we and future generations can get our healthy waters back and enjoy all of the benefits that healthy water, habitats, and fisheries provide. But it͛s also important for us to change our activities so we don͛t contribute to the problems with nutrients and chemical pollutants in the lagoon. Force policy changes, but let͛s each do our own part as well.  The first step to making a personal impact toward a healthy lagoon: educating yourself so you can educate your neighbor!


If you are a Florida resident, take advantage of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust͛s Fix Our Water Initiative, which has a form you can fill out and your message will automatically go to your representatives and senators. Go to this link: (CLICK HERE) scroll to the bottom of the page, and complete the short form. It͛s easy!


**Check back with this page often as there is much more to come!

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