Pledge Your Support to Restore the Indian River Lagoon

I pledge to support the projects and policy changes that are needed to protect and restore the Indian River Lagoon. Projects executed over the next 10 years will:
RESTORE the natural flows of clean freshwater into the Indian River Lagoon.
REMOVE excessive nutrients from stormwater runoff contributed by urban and agricultural sources.
IMPROVE wastewater treatment plants along the Indian River Lagoon.
REPLACE antiquated septic systems with sewer along the Indian River Lagoon.
REMOVE muck (the legacy of years of mismanagement) from the Indian River Lagoon.
REDUCE the use of herbicides and pesticides into the Indian River Lagoon.
Spending on these measures is an investment in the future of the Indian River Lagoon and the state of Florida. In addition to these large-scale measures, I will also do my part by reducing or eliminating my use of fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides on my property, and encouraging others to do the same. These measures and my personal actions must be taken to make the Indian River Lagoon healthy again.


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