These Problems are Not New

More and more we are seeing statements that attribute the current crisis on the unusually heavy rains from El Nino. To this we say BS. The discharges from Lake Okeechobee have been occurring on a somewhat regular basis for years.The last episode was just a couple of years ago. The there was another just a few years before that and the brown tide in the Indian River Lagoon is not new either. That occurred a few years ago as well.

Here’s another tidbit for you if you live on the Indian River Lagoon–the seasonal bad water quality and off-colored water is not normal. Really. It wasn’t too long ago that those periods of off-colored water didn’t exist or were infrequent and short-lived. But they’ve become so common that people think they are normal. If you don’t believe us, go talk to a fisherman who fished the Indian River Lagoon 30 years ago.

Here’s another piece of info that tells you the mess in the Indian River Lagoon is not new. A few years ago, the media really picked up on the high number of deaths of dolphins, manatees, and pelicans. But take a look back and you’ll see that dolphin deaths were high way back in 2002, and that scientists studying this at the time sounded the alarm that those deaths reflected a very sick Indian River Lagoon.

So don’t believe those that try to make this all about the recent rains. Those rains only made more obvious the very serious problem that we face.

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