New Video: Indian River Lagoon Algae Bloom


Here is a bird’s eye view of the algae bloom surrounding Merritt Island. It’s coverage is shocking. But what you are truly seeing is the result of decades of neglect… Be sure to watch in HD and please share.

This shows the spread of benthic (grows on the bottom) algae that is smothering seagrasses. This is different from the ‘algae bloom (actually a plankton bloom) that is made up of millions of tiny single-celled organisms floating in the water and making the water brown or green. The plankton bloom shades the light from the seagrass, killing it. The benthic algae overgrows the seagrass, killing it. In both cases, when the benthic algae and plankton die, they decompose which sucks the oxygen out of the water, which causes the fish kills. No matter how you slice it, the end result is the same.


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