Final Plea For The CCA To Step Up

We’re making another plea for CCA Florida to get with the program, support the efforts of the many groups pushing to restore Florida’s water flows, and be on the right side of history. Florida Sportsman recently reported that 207 scientists who work in the Florida Everglades signed a petition that called for restoring southward flows to the Everglades. That’s 207 scientists who know about the Everglades and its water mismanagement, know what that mismanagement has done to South Florida’s ecosystems, and know that restoration is essential to the future of the region. So we wonder why and how CCA Florida can say (in their most recent statement on the issue) that they are taking a position different from 207 scientific experts. Not to mention their position is different from the Everglades restoration plans that have been in place for 20 years. There’s no need to forge ‘new science’. The science has been done, it’s time to follow that science to get the Everglades restored. And the same approach is needed in other parts of Florida, like the Indian River Lagoon. We urge CCA Florida to get with the program and join ongoing efforts rather than disrupt them.

FL Sportsman story:

Here is CCA Florida’s original statement:


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6 thoughts on “Final Plea For The CCA To Step Up

  1. Tomi Sapp Reply

    Final plea..or else? Or else what? This has to have some consequences, like South Florida becomes a new state, or eminent domain prevails, or we remove the governor as ND all his corrupt cronies. What follows the final plea?

  2. Ron Romano Reply

    What can follow the final plea if ignored? No longer be a member of CCA. If they don’t join the fight and get off the sidelines then they better rename the group. Cause they are not fighting for coastal conservation. This is the biggest issue for the state and they are ignoring it.

  3. Richard Wilson Reply

    If the governor and his corrupt cronies don’t get in the game and save our water ways, they will be looking for new jobs !!! I hear walmart is hiring !!!! Save Indian River Lagoon and the Florida Everglades !!!! NOW !!!

  4. lhtennant Reply

    CCA is so rife with apologists for RICO Scott and his Legislative Loonies and WMD wackos, that it doesn’t matter what they think at this point… they are playing in a totally different sandbox… like Audubon and some of the other “conservation” groups… don’t fret your pretty little heads about CCA, suffering from severe case of TSA (total self-absorption)… they like to dress up and go out and wet their rods, but that’s about it…

  5. Rick Stanley Reply

    I had the CCA Maryland/East Coast join our effort to protect diamondback terrapins from commercial harvest years ago. They worked well with us. The Florida Chapter of CCA looks like a disappointment.

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