Algae blooms and ALS

Based on recent research, it looks like Florida’s water mismanagement practices are putting the health of Florida residents at risk. All of those extra nutrients going into Florida’s coastal waters are helping to create algae blooms that may contribute to ALS for people who eat fish from these areas. So not only is it now hard to go out and find fish to catch, this article implies we should think pretty hard about whether we should eat any of the fish that we catch in Florida’s coastal waters. How is this not getting the attention of those in Tallahassee? What is this going to do to health care costs in the future?

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One thought on “Algae blooms and ALS

  1. Carl Reply

    So glad your generation is seeing the light, as far as I’m concerned, the envirement [sp], is the most import thing, when I step in the voting booth, lets face it, there all dirty crocks, and go where the money is but one side puts profit before clean air and water. I’ve been on this earth almost 70 years and have seen many changes and none for the good. Face it you can have all the money and education, but without clean air and water and soil to grow are crops in, you and your children have nothing. It’s up to the younger generation, we tried, mostly fail but at least we made some peole’s attention, The ball is inn your hands now.

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