Good News From the Everglades Foundation

From the Everglades Foundation, some good news. Funds have been allocated to Everglades restoration by the Florida Legislature. Much thanks to the legislators who pushed this through. Let’s hope the governor signs this legislation.
Although this is good news, this is really just the first step and only addresses some of the problems impacting our fisheries. We need to keep up the pressure. Things that still need to happen:
– a lot of land south of Lake Okeechobee needs to be purchased
– future legislative sessions will have to be watched very carefully to make sure the funds remain allocated to Everglades restoration. (Remember that restoration was set to go 20 years ago and the rug was pulled out by then-governor Bush.)
– although this is great for the Everglades, attention still needs to be paid to other parts of the state that are suffering from their own versions of water mismanagement. The Indian River Lagoon north of Stuart remains in deep trouble and requires much more attention.
– the Water Management Districts, which are tasked with fixing our water, are broke and short-handed because governor Scott has cleaned house and slashed their budgets. They need their budgets restored and qualified people brought back.
Keep up the fight!

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